Baby Arriving 2/22/2018

Well this is a surprise!

See my Instagram Announcement Right here!  Thank you to everyone for the kind words.  We are getting ready for this wild ride.



Pregnancy number 8
Pregnancy #8

Pregnancy Number 8 !?

36 years old, 8th pregnancy. That’s right! Number 8.  No, I don’t have 8 kids! Do I look like octo-mom?!

To learn more about how I have been feeling day to day, Check out my 30 Day pregnancy challenge on YouTube!



14 weeks pregnant

30 Day Pregnancy Challenge

You guys!! Since I had an overwhelming amount of responses to my pregnancy post on Instagram, I found there is a need to speak more openly about what we go through as women (pregnancy, miscarriage, body image, etc.). So I decided to do a 30 day pregnancy challenge. SO WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN?



21 weeks

Do you know what a choroid plexus cyst is?

My doctor came to me with some concerning news and I had to wait 2 weeks to get a follow up ultrasound….