She tells me that they found a cyst in the baby's brain. Usually they go away, but that's not the concerning part.

Do you know what a choroid plexus cyst is?

My doctor came to me with some concerning news and I had to wait 2 weeks to get a follow up ultrasound….


About 2 weeks ago I was so excited to head into my 19 week ultrasound.  Since this is our last little addition to our family, I brought my husband and 2 boys along so they can feel included with the pregnancy.  I mean after all, things will get shaken up a bit once the little one arrives.  We haven’t had many babies around and they have no idea whats coming.  Plus my boys are so excited for a new sibling and they begged me to skip school so they could see the baby.

Everything was moving smoothly at the ultrasound appointment, with one little exception.  The baby was sleeping.  UGH!  Which means we could not get it to move so it took forever to see anything that the doctor needed to see.  The other problem was that I have an anterior placenta, which means its located in the front of my belly.  This gave the ultrasound technician a hard time to see the baby’s face because it was all cuddled up in it. Usually the placenta is located toward the back, however this time it just happened to place itself toward the front.  The only disadvantage of having an anterior placenta is that you may not feel the baby move as soon because you have a little cushion between you and the baby.  Other than that, it may move into a different place as it does migrate throughout the pregnancy.

After coughing and turning multiple times we finally got to see a glimpse of baby number 3.  The boys were excited and after about 30 minutes in, my husband took them to school so I could finish up the boring parts of the appointment.  So I head off to my doctors room to follow up, with what I think is going to be about my weight gain.  My doctor came to me with some concerning news that left me in shock and worry.

“Do you know what a choroid plexus cyst is?”

“Um, no!  I have no idea what a choroid plexus cyst is!”

She proceeds to tell me that they found a cyst in the baby’s brain which can be common in about 1%-2% of babies at the 18-21 week gestation.  Usually they go away, but that’s not the concerning part.  She said that it is a soft marker for Trisomy 18 and Down Syndrome.  Another concern is that since I am over 35, the risk is much greater that this soft marker is an indication that my baby may have some chromosomal abnormality.  Of course she is telling me all about it and what my next steps are, but all I could do was cry.  All I really want is a healthy baby.

I had to wait 2 weeks to get a follow up level II ultrasound.  So that brings me to today.  I have been worried sick, trying to stay off the internet.  I didn’t wear mascara into my appointment just incase I bursted into tears with any more bad news.

I arrive on time and had the most awesome doctor perform the hour and half ultrasound.  He literally combed through the baby, measuring every bone and organ.  He informed me with every positive finding.  The cyst was gone.  All of the babies bones measured right on schedule.  21 weeks and 5 days.  He even got a great profile picture of the face to measure the bridge of the nose and chin.  This is a huge indication or area of concern for Down Syndrome if it measured short.  The vertebrae looked great, heart valves were in great working order, and all fingers and toes were accounted for.   Aside from looking for any esthetic signs of T18 like club feet or hands, identifying all of the organs to make sure they are fully formed and functioning was a great sign.  Usually if the baby has T18, they will find something wrong with the heart or other organs.  The baby was cooperating so nicely for the ultrasound.  It was almost like the baby was saying “look ma!  I’m doing alright.”

After my appointment, the doctor informed me that he would send all his findings to my OBGYN.  He also told me that even though I should wait to hear the news from my OBGYN’s mouth, he feels strongly that the baby is healthy and I have nothing to worry about.  After looking though my NIPT and blood results, everything looks great and I have a 99% chance of having a healthy baby this February.  The only real way to know if the baby is 100% free of chromosomal abnormalities is to do an amniocentesis.  I feel great about the findings and my blood work, so I’m going to pass on the amniocentesis.

I can now relax and try to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy as much as possible.  Next area of concern is this weight gain, but hey, I love food and so does the baby.  I am so thankful that so far everything is looking great.   Now that this little scare is out of the way, I can now share the babies gender on the next blog.  So just for fun, what do you think I’m having?  Boy or Girl?   Comment below – Mirella


  1. Casandra O. | 17th Oct 17

    Hey mama thats so exciting! I am only 27 but my newest addition had soft markers for downs as well…….i am surprised they didnt offer you the MatrniT21 testing (also known as harmony test) it is a non invasive chromosomal abnormality test using fetal dna pulled from moms blood to test for all the major trisomy disorders. My little guy had an echogenic focus on his heart as well as “crooked” pinkies (family trait) but are both soft markers for downs as well as a shorter nose like mama and he was small for his gestation. But he came out a happy healthy 6lb12oz bundle and is now a happy healthy 20lb14oz monster! Lol so happy to hear you got such wonderful news and congratulations on your new little addition……i know what its like being in a testosterone pool we have a family of 6 with me and one daughter the other 4 are all boy lol hopefully youll get your princess….if not a healthy baby is all that matters. Again congrats and good luck !!!

    • adminmirella | 17th Nov 17

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I actually did the harmony testing as well. Honestly, Im surprised that I am still alive after all the blood they took from me! LOL
      That is great news that you had a HEALTHY baby boy! I love hearing positive outcomes. Pregnancy can be scary sometimes.

      Congrats to you and Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you and you family well. XOXO – Mirella

  2. Katrina | 17th Oct 17

    Im rooting for a baby girl for you! But still being a boy mom is pretty rad! Love you momma, and I totally understand all of the anxiety, been through my ds,t18 scare twice……. 2 healthy boys later……thank God for great technology.

  3. Nicole stephenson | 17th Oct 17

    Girl ❤ xoxoxoxo muah

  4. Kristen | 17th Oct 17

    So glad to hear everything is looking good with both you and the baby! Can’t wait to hear what this little cutie will be! I want to say girl, but I’m thinking boy!

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