Pregnancy Number 8

Pregnancy Number 8 !?

36 years old, 8th pregnancy. That’s right! Number 8.  No, I don’t have 8 kids! Do I look like octo-mom?!

Seriously though…. I have 2 beautiful boys that are half way grown.  Jaidyn is 12 and Ziya is 8.  They will be 13 and 9 by the time #3 comes along.

Ziya would not pose for me, being silly like always.

I never thought that I would be here having my 3rd baby. I really thought I was done. That the universe was only going to give me 2, and believe me, I was totally ok with that. But some how, almost 9 years after my last, I’m here again after 5 miscarriages… And I’m ok with that too. Although this time around I am a lot older and this pregnancy is kicking my ass!

The reason why I wanted to share this photo is because, well… I have been totally hating how I have been feeling & looking during this pregnancy. I mean look at me! I look like I’m 6 months pregnant and I’m only 14 weeks!

Mirella standing in front of a wall holding her stomach
14 weeks pregnant

And I really feel bad about hating the way I look & feel because I should be enjoying this last ride, just like I did my others. But instead my days have been filled with hunger, belching, eating, swollen feet, sleeping, eating (oh wait, I kinda said that already).  Let’s just say I have gained almost 17 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. My doctor is totally going to hate me!!!

So I hesitated to post this to Instagram because I’m so big! Like who would believe I’m entering my second trimester in this pic?! But today I say F-it. I can’t be the only one who “shows” this soon or gains this much wait in 14 weeks. Plus my hair and makeup look good, so there’s that.

Anyways, be prepared for my pregnancy journey. This page will be filled with hair and a sprinkle of baby bumps. Just for fun, What do you think I’m having? Boy 💙or Girl 🎀


To learn more about how I have been feeling day to day, Check out my 30 Day pregnancy challenge on YouTube!


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