Color by Laken Rose Style by Mirella Manelli
Color by Laken Rose
Style by Mirella Manelli

I am so excited to finally start this You Tube thing!  Below is a link to my first ever video.  The next will have more of “Mirella” personality  I just had to get the first video jitters out.  This is the first of my Manny and Me series that is a collection of hair tutorials dedicated to #MannequinMonday

Manny is my mannequin.  Sometimes her name is Alexis, Charlize, or Amber.  Because she has so many names and comes with different hair textures and colors, I call her Manny.  The videos will be uploaded on Monday’s showing you color, braids, and upstyles in hopes of giving you inspiration.  I try to give you simple ideas that you, the stylist, can build on.

If you have a suggestion that you would like to see on video, please send me a message in the “About Me” page.  Keep an eye out on the Tutorial tab on my website.  In addition to Manny and Me, I will also have set by step picture tutorials and video hair tutorials on real people.  Don’t forget to subcribe to my You Tube channel so you can see when they are uploaded on Monday’s.  Oh, and feel free to share✌ – M

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