Let me introduce myself, my name is Mirella.

Mirella. Mer-el-lah or Mee-ray-yah as I like to pronounce it when I’m feeling sassy.  It’s my alter ego with my same name, different pronunciation.  I am probably the only Mirella you will ever meet that does not speak fluent Spanish.  It is the first language I learned but some where along the way (sometime during elementary school) I lost my direction.  For example, I can read and understand it, but I can’t carry on a fluid conversation.  I don’t know, maybe it’s my insecurity of possibly saying something wrong and maybe I need to practice a whole lot more.

Usually when I meet someone with a unique name, they either love it or hate it.  I love my name. It’s uniquely mine and literally translates to “look at her” in Spanish.  I don’t know why you would look at me? But none the less, I think it’s a pretty cool name.  I don’t particularly care for the key chains or mugs with people’s names on them.  Plus, If I really wanted one of those, I’m pretty sure I could have one made.  Right?

Ok, enough about Mirella.  You are probably wondering (or maybe not) about where Manelli came from.  Am I Italian? No.  I’m
first generation Ecuadorian-American.  You know Ecuador, South America?  The center of the Earth?  You can look it up on a map.  It’s a tiny country where all your bananas come from.  Anyway, Manelli is my middle name and let’s just say I had a mother that was obsessed with Liza Minelli.  Don’t ask.

I am a wife, a mother of two boys and two fur babies, a hairstylist, and an educator for an amazing brand that I truly love representing.  I was born and raised in Southern California and I have no intentions of leaving.  I love it here.  You will probably learn all about me and my journey over the course of time.  My whole intention with all of this is to not only share some hair tutorials and cool hair pics, but to share my journey as a traveling educator and how I balance it all having a family.  I want to bring inspiration to the working mom and to the stylist aspiring to become an educator one day.  It’s a lot of work, but when you do what you love, it’s called passion.


  1. Haley Yates | 6th Dec 17

    Love your Instagram page and website! I’m using you as my inspiration while I study Media & Theatre, Hair & Make up in College, in North Wales, UK. Your tutorials are some of the nicest I’ve seen and are so easy to follow. I’m thoroughly enjoying trying to recreate some of your styles!

    • adminmirella | 9th Dec 17

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Haley! Be sure to tag me in your work so I can see. xoxo – Mirella

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