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Another trip to California’s Central Valley not only means seeing cute cows and smelling cow poop, but it means I get to play with new colors on my colleagues hair.  In this blog I’m going to walk you through my first time using Guy Tang’s #Mydentity and of course sprinkled with a little Kenra Color.

Carla and I go to Bakersfield, CA about once every 3 months, mainly to do education and spread the Kenra love.  Aside from visiting fun salons and the cool sight seeing that the Central Valley has to offer, we always plan on retouching her hair after a long day in the field.  I like to call this #hotelhair because, you know?  We do her hair in the hotel bathroom like any other professional stylist on the road.  HA!

Here is Carla’s before shot.  Excuse the lighting, because like I mentioned before, we were in the hotel room at night.  This is the best lighting we could have achieved.  Of course I forgot my ring light on this trip.

As you can see she had lots of red and copper tones with a few inches of regrowth.  Carla is a natural level 4, so I am dealing with some pretty dark hair which is even more of a challenge because we are in a hotel.  She really wanted to see if we could get her light enough to use #Mydentity Dusty Lavender hue.

So here is my after followed by the process….

Carla’s final style was achieved using Kenra Professional Thickening Mousse, Texturizing Taffy for her ends, and an Enzo Milano wand.

Step one:  I used #Big9 cream lightener 1:1 with it’s dedicated 30vol developer.  I applied lots of babylights and some foilayage (balayage in a foil) for my application.

After using this lightener, I totally could have used 40 because even though I got great lift out of it, it is gentle enough to use a higher developer.  It’s super creamy, conditioning, but strong.  Usually when I try something for the first time, I always like to learn the behaviors of the product before going full force.  So even though I think I could have used 40, 30 vol did the trick perfectly.  I did add some B3 in the mix for added protection, but I honestly don’t think I even needed it with how conditioning #Big9 is.  Definitely give this lightener a try!

Step two:  I used Kenra Professional VP rapid toner to cool out the yellow tones from the lightening service for about 7 minutes.  Washed and 100% dried her hair.

Step three:  I applied #Mydentity Demi-Permanent for her final color.

Roots:  6DL with Duel Booster Ultra Violet

Alternate 2 formulas on ends:  6DL,8DL, with Duel Booster Pink Glow and 7RG, Duel Booster Pink Glow, and Ultra Violet

I am so in love with the way this turned out.  The colors from #Mydentity are absolutely beautiful.  I cannot wait to play with them some more.  Hopefully next time it will be in a controlled environment like a salon.  HAHA  Carla definitely pushes my skills to the limit when making me do her hair while on the road and makes me stay up till midnight doing it, but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.  Love you Carla, and that purple hair tho! xoxo Mirella

Tell me what you guys think of this look?  If you have a favorite product or color formula, please comment below!  To learn more about #Mydentity go to



  1. Cali Hairstylist | 9th Mar 17

    OMG! Thank you so much for posting this! I found this really helpful. I was a little scared to used big 9 with 40 because it lifts 9 levels. But after reading this, I feel like I have to balls to try it.. LOL Thank you! PS. I love Guy Tang and I love you Mirella!

    • adminmirella | 9th Mar 17

      Thank you Cali stylist! I am so happy you found this helpful! Tag me on instagram so I can see your work. @mirellamanelli xoxo – Mirella

  2. Eva Linda Carrillo | 9th Mar 17

    It is absolutely Stunning Thank you for sharing how you created this ❤

    • adminmirella | 16th Mar 17

      Thank you Eva!

  3. Torie | 9th Mar 17

    Wow gorgeous! Did you lift her to a level9 with the lightner or is the first picture after you lightened?

    • adminmirella | 16th Mar 17

      I lifted her to and 8/9. I wanted to get her lighter but that’s all her hair would do that day. I still love Big9.

  4. Cindy Jordan | 10th Mar 17

    i used the #Big9 Cream and I only used 20 vol I have grey hair it lifted beautiful my hair felt so soft I love the Cream it lifted to a level 10 some gold around the crown then I used Rose Gold 10 and the demi 7RG it tuned out beautiful I’m in love with this product line your hair feels really great!! Definitely fun to play with also your color turned out gorgeous

    • adminmirella | 16th Mar 17

      So awesome to know the different ways to use it!

  5. Kimwasabi | 10th Mar 17

    Im so glad you finally had a chance to play with #mydentitycolor. I love it so much. That lavender scent tho! Carla’s hair turned out so beautiful!

    • adminmirella | 16th Mar 17

      Thank you so much KIM!!!! xoxo

  6. Suzanne Corper | 17th Nov 17

    OMG Mirella!!❤️ In the most toughest circumstances, the ending results are usually the best outcome!
    I love her color and want it for myself! It’s BEAUTIFUL I am ready for a change

    • adminmirella | 17th Nov 17

      Thank you Suzanne. Hotel hair is probably the most difficult by far! LOL

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