What am I grateful for?

I’m sitting here in my brand new kitchen with my cute teal door and I can’t believe another year went by.  Where did all the time go?  I can’t help but think of all of the accomplishments I’ve made both in my personal and career life.  I successfully remodeled most of my house, both kids did not suffer broken bones, and my social media pages are growing.  2016 has been great!

I’m that kind of person that is always thinking “WHAT’S NEXT?” and I never truly stop to smell the roses.  Like most creative-thinking beings, we go through many highs and lows.  Recently, I was feeling rather frustrated about my skills.  What I hadn’t started or finished.  For example, I never finished 2 videos for my vlog that should have been done 2 months ago now and I never did this creative post that has been sitting in my brain for forever!  Sometimes I think, “why am I doing all of this extra stuff?  I suck”.  I don’t suck.  I really just run out of time between being a mom, a wife, and having a full time job.  I just don’t have time!

Then something happened that I really needed.

I got this phone call from an old client of mine. Her name is Connie.  I hadn’t seen or heard from her in about 3 years.  The reason why I hadn’t seen her is well, I have this cool job being a full time educator and I don’t do hair in a salon anymore.

Connie left me a voice mail:

“Mirella.  I hope this is still your number.  This is Connie.  I really hope you are doing hair.  I really need help!  (she chuckled).  Ok thanks.  Call me.”

I remember Connie.  She always had funny stories to share and she would see me every 2 weeks for a wash and flatiron, every 4 weeks for color.  I had to call her back and tell her the bad news; That I was not, in fact, still doing hair.  When I called her, she was bummed of course, but we chatted for about 45 minutes about nonsense.  At the very end of our conversation she told me something that I SO needed to hear.  Something to get me out of this funk I was going through.

She said:

“Mirella.  Even though you can not do my hair anymore, I am so glad that I know you.  We can laugh together about everything and we have such a great time.  I want you to know you have a gift.  You have magic hands and I mean that!  My hair has always been a problem for me and you helped me.  So thank you.”

Her statement made me feel grateful.  Grateful for what I do, what I have accomplished, the relationships that I have built, and grateful for Connie.  The end of the year is a great time to refelct on who you are, what youv’e learned, and plan on where you want to go.  So now I take this time to reflect on my career and this last year.

Here are all my accomplishments in 2017 and what I am grateful for.

  1.  I CREATED THIS WEBSITE!  Yup!  By myself with a little help from the husband. 😉  This was a challenge for me learning a whole new skill.  All about WordPress, how to format crap, and really test my abilities.  I had to learn something so outside of my comfort zone all while still showing my personality through this page.  I could have easily used a pre-made template and filled in the words.  But this needed to be ME.  A Mirella website and I’m really proud of it.
  2. I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE VIDEOS!  For those that don’t know, my husband is a music producer.  He is really savvy at all digital things, even video.  We have a mini working studio out of our home with pretty much everything you would need to make anything music or video related.  So he had this crazy idea that I start vlogging my travels and making YouTube videos.  Let me tell you!  It’s a lot of work!  Again, I had to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, learn basic video recording skills, and finally how to upload on to YouTube (cause when I do it, it take FOREVER!)  So with a little help from my husband, I have successfully made several videos on YouTube and Instagram.  I am still learning but for a beginner, I think they came out pretty good. 🙂  Click here to check out my YouTube Channel.
  3. I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!   I know I mentioned this in #2, but seriously.  I started a YouTube Channel!  LOL  What I find really crazy about this is I hate recording myself and talking to the camera.  Now imagine you are by yourself in an airport talking to your phone or camera, recording yourself.  Uncomforatble, right?!  I over came my fear of putting myself out there for the world to see.  Between my tutorial vlogs, travel vlogs, and Manny and Me vlogs, I feel like I can record anywhere!  Who cares if people look at you wierd and stare!  They are going to anyways and you will never see those people again.  I have build so much confidence going through this process.  For that, I am grateful.
  4. I FINISHED THE YEAR WITH 19K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM!  This time last year I only had around 4.5k followers.  When you are trying to build your following on Instagram, we are all looking forward to that “K” next to the number.  Through continuous posts with minimal content and lots of trial and error, I nearly tripled my following.  My goal last year was to only get to 10K.  I am really proud of surpassing my goal.  Through Instagram I have built so many wonderful relationships, partnered with some amazing stylists, and it has pushed me to grow as an artist.  Click here to visit my Instagram account.
  5. MY KIDS LEARNED THROUGH ALL OF THIS!   Kids really do watch EVERYTHING you do.  Even my 11 and 8 year old.  Through all of my ups and downs, through all of my successes and failures, they see that I over came each of my obstacles.  They see that even with a full time job I somehow make time to do what I love, learn new skills, and continuously challenge myself.  All because I refuse to be complacent.  If there is anything I want them to learn from me, it would be this.  You can be anything you want to be.  If you want something that bad, reach out and grab it.  Nothing happens over night.  And finally, stay patient and trust your journey because everyone’s is different.

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