At this very moment I realized I have one of the coolest jobs....

I was standing in line waiting to board my plane (like I do most days) and had a moment of reflection.  Reflection of my career.  If I had a typical schedule it would be, fly out Sunday to my destination and Wednesday come home.  Nothing is typical though, when it comes to travel.  There are always delays, plane changes, last minute cancellations, or last minute visits that need to be planned.  So being an educator means lots of change, frequently.  You need to like change, or at least I do.

Now this doesn’t mean that I am not a planner.  Because I am a major planner!  I am always updating my calendar, making phone calls to confirm everything, and I make sure I have all the details before I arrive anywhere.  As a matter of fact, I ask tons of questions because I like to be as prepared as possible.  I get made fun of because I ask so many questions.  So even with all my questions and all the planning I do, there is STILL never enough preparation I can do to prevent change in my schedule.  So with that being said, you need to embrace change every step of the way.

Now back to me waiting in line to board my plane:

So I arrive at the Southwest gate.  I heart Southwest by the way (maybe that will be a different blog).  I have flown so much that I became A-list preferred in less than 6 months.  A-list preferred is there top tier of perks.  I get to board sooner than the rest of the crowd of 200 people, I get free wifi on the plane so I can Facebook or Instagram in the sky, and I get lots of free drink coupons.  I hate flying so I usually order a Jack & Ginger and those drink coupons really help.  Although, I can’t really drink those anymore because I’m pregnant, so just plain ginger ale will do!

San Fransisco Bay <3
San Fransisco Bay <3

With my A-list status, I am usually the 16th to 25th person to board the plane.  If you want to be one of the first 15 people then you need to buy a more expensive plane ticket and my work is not having that.  So 16th to 25th to board is just fine.  Being the 16th to 25th person means  I can get a really good window seat.   I need the window seat because along with my Jack and Ginger, I need to look outside most of the trip to calm my nerves.

It’s time to board my plane and stand in line.  This time I am A17.  I just finished a long trip of education.  I was wearing a super cute black and purple outfit with my cool new nude boots.  I had just colored my hair pink, with hints of blush and I usually wear my pink lipstick.  Needless to say, I thought I was looking rather fashionable and cute.  It was a great day.  While I was in line I called my husband to give him an ETA.  I looked around me and noticed something I really never noticed before.  I was standing in line with a bunch of men.  Seriously.  All MEN!  The whole A-list group was all men?!  Men in business suits, clean haircuts, and briefcases carrying their laptops.  Some were on their phones probably closing sales or calling their loved ones.  Who knows?!  But they all looked busy on their technology as did I, talking with my husband.

At this very moment, I realized I have one of the coolest jobs ever.  I don’t need a stuffy suit or a conservative look.  I don’t need to wear my hair a certain way or up in a bun.  I can have colorful hair if I want to, wear whatever clothes that are trending, and have any style really.  I can embrace my personality in the clothes I wear or how ever I am feeling that morning, and truly play dress up wearing purple lipstick.  I was having a proud moment of how far I have come in my creative career.  I am standing in line with the big boys.  Me.  A woman!  In cool clothes, pink hair, and I am A-list preferred.



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