it's been awhile...

My life as a working mom and it’s been awhile.

As show season comes to an end, I finally have some time to myself to write on this damn thing!  My life has been consumed by airplane travel, suitcases, mannequin heads, and lots of teaching.  Not that I don’t like any of it but I like it in smaller doses.  Week after week, I have jumped from one plane to another, living out of my suitcase.  Which is cool and all, but I do have kids and a family.  I miss them.

Today completes my 7 days straight of being away from home and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to sleep in my bed, on my pillows, in my blanket, next to my snoring husband.  That’s right!  My husband snores and I actually missed it!  I had a moment to write this (on my 1 day off because I do have to get on a plane tomorrow).  My kids are preoccupied with xbox and video games.  So what the heck?!  My computer is here, so away I type.

I often get asked if my boys miss me while I am traveling for work.  The answer is yes and no.  The answer is rather complicated.

I have a husband that I have been married to for 14 years (gosh that sounds like forever!) and we have two boys, Jaidyn 11, and Ziya 7.  They are very active and definitely keep us busy.  Since they have been little, our kids have been so used to us working opposite shifts.  Some days I would pick them up and do the mom thing, and other days my husband would.  But I guess if I had to choose one answer, whether or not my boys miss me, the answer is yes.

For the longest time (2 1/2 years to be exact) I thought my boys did not care that I was gone on a work trip.  Mostly because they are not very chatty when I call them while I’m away.  However they always ask me to bring them back candy on every single trip.  Their favorite is the red ring pop.  I used to think “great!  All I’m good for is bringing home candy!”  But it dawned on me one day why they ask me for candy on every single trip.  It’s their way of knowing that I thought of them while I was away.  Awe, they do love me.

So now candy has become our thing.  Before I board my plane, no matter how far the trip, I always buy candy.  It’s something that I look forward to on my trips home, especially when my flights get a little bumpy.  It helps me focus on thinking about them and how much they missed me while I am away.

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