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Daily Archives: August 29, 2017

8th Pregnancy

Pregnancy Number 8 !? 36 years old, 8th pregnancy. That’s right! Number 8.  No, I don’t have 8 kids! Do I look like octo-mom?! Seriously though…. I have 2 beautiful boys that are half way grown.  Jaidyn is 12 and Ziya is 8.  They will be 13 and 9 by the time #3 comes along. I never thought that I would be here having my 3rd baby. I really thought I was done. That the universe was only going to give me 2, and believe me, I was totally ok with that. But some how, almost 9 years after my last, I’m here again after 5 miscarriages… And I’m ok with that too. Although this time around I am a lot older and this pregnancy is kicking my ass! The reason why I wanted to share this photo is because…