Mirella Manelli

Daily Archives: July 30, 2017

Career Reflection at the Airport

I was standing in line waiting to board my plane (like I do most days) and had a moment of reflection.  Reflection of my career.  If I had a typical schedule it would be, fly out Sunday to my destination and Wednesday come home.  Nothing is typical though, when it comes to travel.  There are always delays, plane changes, last minute cancellations, or last minute visits that need to be planned.  So being an educator means lots of change, frequently.  You need to like change, or at least I do. Now this doesn’t mean that I am not a planner.  Because I am a major planner!  I am always updating my calendar, making phone calls to confirm everything, and I make sure I have all the details before I arrive anywhere.  As a matter of fact, I ask tons of questions because I like to be as prepared…