Mirella Manelli

Daily Archives: January 16, 2017

Curly Hair Don’t Care

I get lots of questions about how I take care of my curls, especially since I change colors frequently.  The obvious is washing my hair about once a week with cool water and a deep moisturizing mask.  Aside from the usual weekly treatment, I thought why not show the process of how I style it on “hair washing day”.  Down below are the products I love to use on my curls followed by a 60 second video of it all.  I hope you enjoy! Step 1:  A generous amount of Kenra Curl Styling Conditioner.  Words cannot describe how much I love this stuff!  It’s moisturizing, detangling, and most of all its a leave in styler.  You can use it in the shower and before styling your hair which makes this an awesome product because of it’s versatility.  I usually use the Curl Styling Conditioner…