Mirella Manelli

Daily Archives: October 22, 2016

My life as a working mom

My life as a working mom and it’s been awhile. As show season comes to an end, I finally have some time to myself to write on this damn thing!  My life has been consumed by airplane travel, suitcases, mannequin heads, and lots of teaching.  Not that I don’t like any of it but I like it in smaller doses.  Week after week, I have jumped from one plane to another, living out of my suitcase.  Which is cool and all, but I do have kids and a family.  I miss them. Today completes my 7 days straight of being away from home and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to sleep in my bed, on my pillows, in my blanket, next to my snoring husband.  That’s right!  My husband snores and I actually missed it!  I had a moment…